advanced emt

2022 Spring Advanced EMT Course

Hybrid Course 

Course schedule

  •  AEMT Course dates 1/17/22-4/30/22

  • Class is held Thursdays 1730-2200

  • Online in Canvas

  • Location: 50 Bowery St, Grantsville UT 84029  


AEMT curriculum includes:

  • Advanced airway control and oxygen delivery

  • In-depth understanding of anatomy and physiology

  • Intravenous fluid and medication administration

  • More definitive patient assessment

  • A more comprehensive look at disease processes, including acid base balance and blood chemistry

  • Handling more complex medical and traumatic life-threatening illness and/or injuries

  • Pediatric assessment and field treatment including intra-osseous cannulation and fluid therapy

  • Assisting Paramedics and hospital personnel with more advanced care

  • Introduction to cardiac ECG interpretation


Registration fee of $50 is required to register for this course. 

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AEMT Tuition cost is $900

Tuition includes 120 hours in-class instruction, 48 hour ambulance clinical, 12 hour ER clinical, Student t-shirt, course skills materials. 

Finance option

First Degree Medical Training offers three payment, payment-plan. This plan requires 50% down $450.00, before or on the first day of class. We will spit up the the remaining course tuition $450.00, into 2 payments of $225.00 that will be due on 2/18/22 & 3/17/22. 

additional requirements and fees

  • Students must already be EMT Certified.

  • Bls (cpr) for healthcare provider card. this can be obtained at many locations or first degree medical training offers the bls for healthcare providers course. see cpr courses for further information.

  • AEMT textbook is required the first day of class. Costs can vary, buy used.  

    • AEMT: Advanced Emergency Care and Transportation of the Sick and Injured, Third Edition

    • ISBN: 9781284136562

  • A watch with a second hand is required for taking vitals.

  • Students are responsible for Utah's Bureau of EMS background fee of $45.00 paid directly to BEMS within the first 30 days of class.

  • Students are responsible for the NREMT $136 written test fee. Paid after class ends.

  • Students are responsible for the NREMT AEMT Psychomotor exam fee of $125.  Paid on the day of the AEMT Psychomotor exam.